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The team approach to care. To most frail, elderly or disabled individuals remaining in their own home for as long as possible makes a huge difference in their sense of independence and hope for the future. This can prolong the period before they have to leave their home for assisted living or long-term care. The popular medical term is “aging in place.” This allows them to “age in place!”

If the person is unable to get to the grocery store to buy food or to the pharmacy to pick up their medications for themselves, they can become ill and lose the independence. Just helping these individuals with a few services each month can dramatically impact their lives for the better.

Click here to read about some Love INC clients who are waiting for Adopt an Elder LINC Teams. These are the people whose lives you can dramatically impact by volunteering.

Love INC can help your congregation to have that impact by assisting you in forming one or more LINC Teams (Love In the Name of Christ Teams) to help them. A LINC Team is a group of 6-12 individuals who agree to provide certain types of services. Love INC provides training and ongoing encouragement for teams. Your team determines which of the services the client needs they are willing to meet.

They are not required to meet every need of the client. Providing only a few of the services such as transportation, grocery shopping, yard work, house cleaning, visitation, meal preparation, telephone contact, etc., makes a dramatic difference in the quality of life of a frail, elderly or disabled client. Your team can become a “second family” to the individuals you serve, some of whom have no family at all. We can almost guarantee that your team members will be more blessed than the people they serve.

If you would like to know more about the Adopt an Elder Ministry you can call
704-536-5588 extension 205, we provide a formal training session for a LINC Team

If you would like to know more about the Adopt and Elder program please click the link below.


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