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I recently read a poem by David Frank that began, “'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house, children sat slack-jawed, bored on the couch. Wrappings and toys littered the floor, an incredible mess that I did abhor. With Mom in her robe and I in my jeans, we waded in…to get the place clean.”  You can just imagine the rest of the story.  As I finished reading this spoof of a more familiar before Christmas poem, I realized that most American families would look just like the one depicted in this story…shopped-out…partied-out…charged-out…and…especially stressed-out.

But, there are some Americans that will have quite different challenges on the day after Christmas and all through the New Year. They are the poor, elderly and disabled in our community, who have no family or anyone to care about them.  They are surely stressed but not from an overindulgent celebration of Christmas like most of us! 

Their challenges are: “How will I get to see my doctor and go grocery shopping this week?”  “How can I get up enough energy or strength to clean my cluttered apartment?”  “How could I get out of my front door in my wheelchair if there was a fire?” or “I’m so lonely, does anyone really care about me?”  These questions represent just a few of the many challenges that confront so many of the people who are referred to Love In the Name of Christ as clients. 

Congregations and Christians do so many good things for others during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season!!!  Do you ever wonder what happens to the people who receive so much for a short season after every well meaning group or individual goes back into their church buildings and settle into their daily routine of living?  Why not find out for yourself?

Would you consider volunteering during 2014 for Love INC so there will be someone touching the lives of people who are far too often forgotten on December 26th? 

Dale R. Harlan, Executive Director


We are so happy that you have chosen to visit our website!  Love INC exists to mobilize the “church” to minister to a hurting and needy world…In the Name of Christ.  There are many individuals living with severe needs in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community that no social service agency or ministry is able to serve.

It is our hope that by having a Christian volunteer minister to them in their time of need, the poor, the elderly and people with disabilities in our community may understand how much God loves them.

Love INC does not seek to replace or duplicate what human service agencies and ministries are doing well, but only to supplement and complement the work of those agencies

Mission Statement

The mission of Love In the Name of Christ is to mobilize believers in Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, elderly and disabled in our community.


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